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Gracie to Duke:  

$1600 Due September 15th

These pups will be BIG BLOCKY pups with sweet dispositions and temperaments.  This breeding will produce Labs which are taller and wider than breed standard.  So if you are looking for a BIG Lab, this is the litter!

Zoe to  Remington:

$1600 Due September 10th

These pups will be within breed standard for height, thinner in chest circumference, with block heads.  Their pups have amazing temperaments which most of their previous litters have gone into service or therapy work.

Precious to Ranger:

$1600 Due September 10th

These pups are 1/2 American and 1/2 English, and tend to be on the bigger side. They have produced excellent pups who love water rescue, and they have a natural ability to detect human illnesses such as fevers, seizures, diabetes and high blood pressure with little training to do that. 

Lily to Ranger:

$1600 not in mating yet,

 should be due October 29th

The pups out of these parents have been outgoing, silly, funny, full of loving personality.  We call their pups the class clowns! They are just about perfect in conformation to the breed standards, with blocky bodies and heads.

Hope to Sarge:

$1200 not in mating yet...

This will be their first litter.  We feel we can expect sweet, calm, willing to please Labs, because Sarge is our own out of Lily X Ranger and Hope is a cousin to Gracie and Zoe!


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