RSJ Labradors


Our Breeding Dogs

Sergeant Jordan byRanger RSJ

   The Sarge is probably the cutest, most handsome pup we've ever had.  He is out of Ranger and Lily.  His one and only vice is he likes to "bark orders". Thus the name Sarge. He does not meet a stranger though and is extremely lovable, and has a stature that is impeccable. Since becoming an adult, he has taken on the role of Sergeant LoveBug.   His conformation is spot on. He is in near perfect to breed standard. His Embark testing determined that he is a carrier of PRCD Exon 1, and Nasal Parakeratosis.

Jordan's Major Rebellion byPhil RSJ

    Oh Major, What's not to say about this big lug of a pup!  He LOVES water; not a water trough, dish, or muddy hole will he pass without partaking in the fun!  

He is amazingly perfect!  Sweet, smart, fast learner, but doesn't care to be in the heat!  Gee, I wonder why!  That stellar, shiny black coat keeps him hot! He too comes to us from a champion breeder with 16 GCH & CH titles in his pedigree on both sides!  His genetic testing through Embark results in he is clear from over 200 possible genetic issues. 


Copy That Secret Espresso Chief RSJ

Chief is out of Venetian's Copy That  who is currently the #92 dog in the world over all dogs for the titles held.  Chief has the goofiest personality ever.  I anticipate him to be the silliest of dogs even into retirement.  He has done nothing but brought smiles to our faces with his love of blankets and soft toys in his mouth to carry around everywhere!  He is genentically clear from over 200 possible known genetic defects according to his EmBark results.  

Lexi Jordan byRanger RSJ


      Lexi is the full sister to Sarge, and is every part just like him, except female.  She is incredibly intelligent and is even a tv star.  At 8 weeks old, she and 5 of Zoe's pups were used in a Christmas product called Window Wonderland fro Sullivan Productions, CEO Anthony Sullivan, the Oxi-Clean dude! She is a beautiful, loving girl! Lexi is a very warm, calm, cuddly sweet, girl!  


Cribbs Mystic Magic

     Mysti came to us at 2  years old.   She has a beautiful physique, ball drive, but not crazy, intelligence, loving, sweet, and she wants to please. She will talk to us upon request or when she wants you to throw the ball!  She is a very welcomed addition to our family and is a momma's girl!  She rarely leaves my side!  Out of her and Sarge's very first litter,  of 6, 3 went into service/therapy work and are doing fantastic  She and Ranger come from OFA/OFEL certified parents and champion show lines. 

Mercy Mea by Tank RSJ

    Mercy is out of our Lily and Tank Cribbs.  She is a 1/2 sister to Sarge and Lexi.  Mercy is a very smart, sweet, loving girl.  She has a great drive for retrieving, but also for being a great companion.  She is a Dudley which simply means that she is a yellow Lab with chocolate features.   As a 10 week old  puppy, she was in a commercial for Sullivan Productions for a pet cleaning product. 

Look for puppies from Mercy to Major starting in February 2020


Lady Mary Jordan byBaron RSJ

Lady comes to us from a champion breeder in Ohio.  In her pedigree, she has 25 GCH or CH titles behind her on both sides of her lineage, out of Zinfndel's Champions.

This puppy is my heart pup!  She has needed zero training to be as easy going as she is.  She is NOT a fan of baths, which can be a good thing, as she doesn't come in wet from the horse troughs! (LOL)  She is very responsive to learning everything very quickly.  Her look and conformation, at this time, are impeccable!  her pups would make excellent show, service and therapy prospects.  

Our Future Breeding Pups


Gabriella's Writing on Dixie RSJ

     Gabbi is our little chocolate kiss!  My goodness is she full of love and sweetness!  She comes to us from champion breeders out of Alabama and Tennessee.  Her lineage is spectacular. In her pedigree she has 11 GCH  and CH titles. Her grandfather has been featured on the Labrador Quarterly multiple times. She comes dilute free and is a carrier for PRCD Exon 1, which is a newer test available through Embark, and not a required test from the Labrador Retriever Parent Club. Our genetic testing puts us way above the standard testing so that we can ensure the best possible outcomes in our breeding program. 

Our Retired Breeding Dogs

Zoe Jordan ByCooper RSJ

     Zoe is by far the BEST lab I have ever known, not just owned, but known!  She is a true companion, calmest temperament of any dog I have ever been around.  Even as an 8 week old pup, she has been the best!  She was the last of her litter, God saved her just for us!  21 of Zoe's puppies have gone into service or therapy and 2 are NAFC FC and AFC title holders.

Mister Duke Mohawk  

Duke is a really big blockheaded boy.  He is incredibly sweet, easy going and laid back. He is the epitome of what a Lab is supposed to be.  And we are blessed to have him in our lives.


Sir Remington XXXI - Retired

Precious Jordan ByRusty RSJ 

    Precious was the pup everyone wanted, but dared them to take!  She would scamper to hide under my legs as if to say, "but I am yours!"  And here is where she has stayed!  Precious, at the age of 6 months old, alerted that my newborn son was not breathing!  She has also alerted on my husband before he went into a diabetic coma!

Lily Jordan byGunner RSJ 

     Lily is the most athletic and agile Labrador I've ever seen.  She can go from climbing a 6ft high fence to running at full blast to coming to cuddle with you like a baby!  Her temperament is so awesome; she knows when its time to work and time to play and then when its time to relax on the couch like a potato! 


    RETIRED: Remington is a champion hunter, who came to join our family in September 2015.  He comes from an amazing line of champion hunters and drug detection canines! Remington has the natural ability to detect oncoming illness, and has passed that on to his pups.  21 of 25 of his and Zoe's pups have gone into service or therapy lines. 2 of 5 of his pups with Gracie have gone into service. and 1 of his 5 with our former, Maya.  He has proven his ability to produce stellar pups. He has alerted on our son before he had a seizure, yet was never trained to do so.

Gracie Lou Jordan ByCooper RSJ 

   Gracie has to be THE most beautiful dog we have ever owned and had the opportunity to love!  She is sweet, loving, attentive, caring, amazing temperament and just adores people . She goes with me to senior centers, visit senior citizens along with her sister Zoe. They also go with me on educational tours to teach others about the Labrador, breeding, training, and temperament.

 Ranger Jordan bySlugger RSJ 

     Ranger was the next pup that wanted to be part of my life!  He chose me!  I wasn't really looking for a black male, but when some friends of ours had another litter I stopped by to see them and fell in love.  All the other pups went about playing but Ranger, he claimed my lap!