RSJ Labradors


"Sarge"  Sergeant Jordan byRanger RSJ 

     The Sarge is probably the cutest, most handsome pup we've ever had.  He is out of our Ranger and Lily.  His one and only vice is he likes to "bark orders". Thus the name Sarge. He does not meet a stranger though and is extremely lovable, and has a stature that is impeccable. Since becoming an adult, he has taken on the role of Sergeant LoveBug.   His conformation is spot on. He is in near perfect to breed standard. 

Genetic Testing Results from Embark: 
Carrier of PRCD Exon 1 
Carrier for Nasal Parakeratosis
Neither of these are on the suggested tests lists by the Labrador Retrevier Club, or AKC. 
Clear on over 155 other genetically known issues.