RSJ Labradors


Our Boys, ahem...Studs

    We are excited to offer our studs for breeding. 

 In order to stud your bitch to our males, they must meet the following requirements.

Our stud fees are $1500 for live cover.  Any artificial inseminations must be scheduled in advance and are your responsibility to pay your vet to perform the services.  If we must travel to your vet, there is another $200 fee per occurrence.  If the breeding results in any less than 2 live puppies at birth, we will agree to give you another live coverage breeding on the next heat.

1.  A full DNA genetic testing panel completed.   We prefer Embark- it tests for over 200 genetically known related issues.  

2.  Hips x-rayed and rated by either OFA or Pennhip to be at least good.

3.  The bitch may not possess the dilute gene.  

4.  We will only breed to females within breed standard.  in other words, no field Labs, also called "American" labs.