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Raising God's gift to us, for you and your family, with love.

Why Choose Us?

Our dogs and puppies receive LOTS of loving attention, top notch care and are family raised, with a LOT of love. Many of our pups have gone into service, therapy, and hunting work, not to mention loving companion homes. We have 9+ acres of romping room for our dogs and puppies to enjoy their life and we have temperature controlled kennels. Even though we have nice facilities, we also rotate the dogs as to who sleeps in the house with us, and who is in the kennels for the night. We have received excellent marks on our yearly AKC inspections. Our contracts have a return clause; if for ANY reason you cannot care for your puppy for the duration of its life, it comes back to us for retraining and possible rehoming. We NEVER want one of the puppies, that we put a lot of love into, ending up in a shelter. In our contracts, we also give you specific health guarantees for 24 months of being free from hip/elbow dysplasia.

Lady x Bodhi Pup
Captain Star_edited_edited
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Major 1
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Who We Are

At RSJ Labradors, we are focused on treating you as we would want to be treated when we are adding a new little fur ball to our own lives. God gave us a gift in loving Labradors and matching them to great pet parents. It is something that we thoroughly enjoy and give praise for having this ability to bring happiness to others! We take raising puppies as a serious, yet fun business. We only breed with the highest pedigree and best temperaments to produce sound, quality pups. Our dogs are free from hip and shoulder dysplasia, calm, clean, loving, non-destructive and well behaved. We are working to better protect the breed by completing over 200 different genetic health and joint tests through Embark. We have only been breeding Labs for 14 years, but we have been part of the Labrador world for 28 years. Shannon worked with the Dallas-Ft. Worth Labrador Retriever Club and Rescue in the 90's and trained a big beautiful black Lab named Shadow who took best of show as a 9 month old puppy in his first showing.

Why Our Puppies?

Our puppies start training at 3 days old on various techniques to improve the neurotransmitters in the brain, in a process called biosensory training. Then we follow up more training techniques through Puppy Culture, which helps desensitize the pups even further and starts them on the correct path to being a well behaved, quick learner.  We work on potty training, no jump, no bite, and come & sit command because we give positive reinforcement.  Before you leave with your puppy, we work with you on the proper instruction and discipline. We put the work into the puppy so you can start enjoying them sooner.  We believe it helps build your bond faster!

Midnight under the Big Top:

Our son's service dog for T1D!

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