RSJ Labradors


Who We Are:

     At RSJ Labradors, we are focused on treating you as we would want to be treated when we are adding a new little fur ball to our own lives.  God gave us a gift in loving Labradors and matching them to great pet parents.  It is something that we thoroughly enjoy and give praise for having this ability to bring happiness to others!

    We take raising puppies as a serious, yet fun business. We only breed with the highest pedigree and best temperaments to produce sound, quality pups. Our dogs are free from hip and shoulder dysplasia, calm, clean, loving, non-destructive and well behaved.  

    We are working to better protect the breed by completing over 200 different genetic health and joint tests through Embark. 

    We have only been breeding Labs for 12 years, but we have been part of the Labrador world for 24 years. Shannon worked with the Dallas-Ft. Worth Labrador Retriever Club and Rescue in the 90's and trained a big beautiful black Lab named Shadow who took best of show as a 9 month old puppy in his first showing.

Our New Kennel Building

Our Former Kennels


Blanca, of Ranger X Angel


Maximus Jordan ByRusty RSJ


Our Very First Litter:

Our first litter in 2010