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Visits and Boarding

Visiting Our Kennel

We know what it is like to want to visit the place where your next fur baby might come from and we do offer that opportunity, but under some precautions.  .

If we have puppies under 8 weeks old, the only ones permitted to step into the area are the families which have been selected as the future owners of those puppies.  This precaution was set forth due to Parvo, it is highly contagious, and deadly.  Parvo can stay on shoes for 14 days!

Don't worry, we have 735 feet across the front of our home.  You can definitely get a feel for us, our place and our dogs by seeing them from outside the fenceline. 

Please scroll down to book a kennel visit, or call, text, or email Shannon at 407-949-1431

Boarding Information

    If you know us, you know we LOVE our dogs and their puppies! You also know how much we LOVE seeing them and taking care of them when you must to be away from them! Therefore, boarding has become an added bonus for us all: Us, You and Them!


Here's the Rundown:

    We have created a daily schedule of activities that ensures the dogs that are here with us get a lot of attention, outdoor playtime, and LOVE!


   You simply provide their foods, treats and any special toys or blankets that you want them to have and we do the rest!  


  We ONLY board Labradors or approved Lab Mixed breeds, unless its a VERY friendly dog, but no bully breeds!

In order to board with us, you will need to complete our Boarding Intake Form.  Please double-click the form to download and complete .

Standard Fees:

$30 per day / per dog, age 18 months and older.

$40 per day / per dog, age 18 months and under.


Multi-Dog Discount  $10 off for each extra dog, Unless they require separate kennels.

Veteran/Military Discount 10%

Additional Services

Additional Services must be discussed prior to booking to ensure availability.

Bath : $15

Nail Trimming : $15

Ear Cleaning:  $10

Medication Dispensing: $5 per day

Training: $20 Per Day for 3-20 minute sessions a day.

Board and Training for 30 days:  $2000

Board and Training for 45 days:  $3000

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