RSJ Labradors


No Puppies Available Until ~ April '21

 We reserve a set number of puppies per litter.  Once those spots are filled, we will accept waiting list names for the extra puppies that are highly possible.  There is an administrative fee for this of $200.  I have found that people get on my list and don't call to let me know they found a puppy elsewhere, so I had to implement a plan to keep from adding all the extra work on me of reaching out to people and awaiting their response.  This fee if FULLY refundable in the event you contact me PRIOR to contacting you about having a puppy for you.   If I have reached out to you, I have taken great liberty and  reviewed your questionnaire for suitability to receive one of our puppies. 

In order to proceed to our reservation and or waiting list, please click on the PUPPY QUESTIONNAIRE Link below:

Litters Expected:

Winter Breeding:

Mysti to Sarge - Due Mid- Jan: $2000

Go home approx., Mid March. This is their 4th and last breeding.  This litter is only chocolates and blacks. These two produce excellent breed standard dogs which have gone on to be excellent service/therapy dogs and family companions.

Lexi to Major - Due Mid- Jan: $2300

Go home approx., Mid-March.  This is a 2nd litter for this pair.  These are of champion lines, with no genetic defects, with superior temperaments and dispositions.  3 pups out of their last litter are currently in training for service dogs.  You can follow Georgia and Bodhi's progress on Diversity K-9's Facebook page. This litter will produce yellows and blacks only.

Spring Breedings:

Lady to Sarge- Due end of April - $2300

This is a 2nd breeding.  Litter will consist of all yellow puppies and no Dudleys. Champion lines,  Champion lines, excellent temperaments, service/therapy dog prospects and true to breed standard.

Mercy to Major - Due Mid April - $2300

 This will be their 2nd litter.  These are champion lines with no genetic defects, excellent temperaments and dispositions.  While they didn't  have any pups go into service from their first litter, these are very capable to perform as such with great results, as Mercy is Lexi's sister. This is a black and yellow litter.

Gabbi to Chief - no breeding date set, but should be around May for July Puppies.  This will be an all chocolate litter out of grand champion lines cleared of genentic defects by Embark. These dogs have amazing temperaments and dispositions and are definitely within breed standard in size and stature. Puppies from this breeding will be $2400.

What You Can Expect from Our Puppies and US:

     We breed for breed standard and temperament  using dogs from  AKC grand champion lines, that have been genetic tested to ensure a better quality of life.  Our puppies are AKC registered, without breeding rights, but can be discussed with a breeder's contract. We put in a lot of upfront work with these puppies in order to help send puppies into the right service and therapy jobs. Through our efforts our puppies are potty trained in litter trays, crate trained, come without jumping, and to sit or (mand).  They are bio-desensitized, have been fed on 7 different surfaces, encountered 7 different sized balls, been in 7 different locations around our home, been introduced to 14 different surfaces under their feet, tested for recall and shyness away from "scary" items and sounds. 

  Hours of Visitation:

Always by appointment!

Wrangler,  on the cover of the Grow Financial Calendar

 Puppies go home with: 

-  1st and 2nd sets of shots 

-  Neopar vaccine

-  Dewormed

-  Florida Health Certificate

-  Genetic defect guarantee on Hips*

- Embark Genetic testing results on 

    over 200 known issues. 

-  AKC registration with AKC Reunite

     microchip registered to you.

-  Puppy Treats, toy, blanket, Life's Abundance  food  and treat samples, and NuVet Supplement samples.

- Lifetime Breeder Support! 

*as long as you do NOT spay/neuter puppy until 22 months old, and do not have puppy completing agility training prior to 18 months old.