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Lexi to Major

Due Mid-June 2020   $1800.00

This will be their first litter together. This litter should definitely turn some heads with the full English look and temperament.  This breeding is as true to perfect in all departments as you can get.  Genetic testing is perfectly clear on over 200 possible defects including skeletal dysplasia for both.

Mysti to Sarge

Due Mid-June, 2020  for $1800

This will be their 4th litter.  They have produced 12 puppies into service or therapy jobs.  This will be a black and chocolate litter of blocky dogs at breed standard.  Mysti and Sarge are both clear on all breed standard genetic tests.  

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What do you get with us:

     We breed for breed standard and temperament  using dogs from  AKC grand champion lines, that have been genetic tested to ensure a better quality of life.  Our puppies are AKC registered, without breeding rights, but can be discussed with a breeder's contract. We put in a lot of upfront work with these puppies in order to help send puppies into the right service and therapy jobs. Through our efforts our puppies are potty trained in litter trays, crate trained, come without jumping, and to sit or (mand).  They are bio-desensitized, have been fed on 7 different surfaces, been introduced to 7 different surfaces under their feet, tested for recall and shyness away from "scary" items and sounds.  They are dewormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks old, given their 1 set of shots, will have a State of Florida Health Certificate completed by a veterinarian. they go home with a suggested schedule, a sampling of food, treats, a blanket, toy, a lifetime of breeder support, health and genetic defect guarantees.