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Litters Expected: 

Lexi to Major

Due April - May 2020   $1800.00

This will be their first litter together. This litter should definitely turn some heads with the full English look and temperament.  This breeding is as true to perfect in all departments as you can get.  Genetic testing is perfectly clear on over 200 possible defects including skeletal dysplasia for both.

Mercy to Major

Due April 11-14, 2020  $1800.00

This will be their first litter together. This litter should definitely turn some heads with the full English look and temperament.  This breeding is as true to perfect in all departments as you can get.  Genetic testing is perfectly clear on over 200 possible defects and including dysplasia for both. 

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Our Basic Current Contract:
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The PUPPY described above is sold for $xxxx.xx.

A deposit of $400.00 is due upon reservation. **Deposit does not constitute picking order. (See puppy selection section for more info.)**

Final Payment of $xxxx.xx is due in cash or certified check at the time of pick up, or if needed, payments via Zelle, Venmo or check can be made, but must be received 10 days prior to pick up date. If a personal check is returned for any reason, there is a $35 fee.

Deposits are Nonrefundable: These funds are applied to the administrative process of buying a puppy, which includes, but not limited to: time spent in consultation, whether in person, on the phone, in text or email, contract processing, filing for AKC certifications, as well as observing and documenting puppies for aligning with BUYER’S request.

Deposit Refund Exceptions:

Deposit can transfer to a future litter 1 time, in case BUYER must back out of this contract, but the price of a future litter may not be the same as this contract. If BUYER backs out again, deposit will NOT be applied to a future puppy nor will it be refunded. Deposit is fully refundable in the event we do not have enough puppies to fulfill your contract or puppy does not thrive.

Puppy Selection:

The BUYER understands that the BREEDER will have a good working knowledge of the puppies’ behaviors, which help to determine their expected outcome as adults, and which PUPPY would be best suited for the BUYER based on need, desires, and lifestyle. BUYER understands that puppy selection order will be fulfilled in the following order future breeders, service, therapy, working, and then pet quality dogs, which will be assigned in the order deposits are received. Therefore, the BUYER understands the importance of disclosing their family dynamics and lifestyle to help with the matching process.

Puppy must be picked up no later than the 60th day of life, unless prior arrangements have been made for extended boarding/training, which will incur a daily charge of $40 per 24 hours and payable in cash before going home.

A pet PUPPY is defined here to be a Labrador retriever puppy not possessing the dilute gene, which is in good health at the time of sale and embodies the characteristics of the Labrador retriever breed. This PUPPY is purebred and is registerable with the American Kennel Club. Buyers will be provided with limited AKC registration certificate for which they can complete the registration process, unless the PUPPY is going to an approved breeder or working dog BUYER which has paid an additional $500 full registration fee to BREEDER. BUYER agrees that this PUPPY will not be bred before 22 months old, and will have completed an Embark genetic test on both the PUPPY listed above and its potential mate, and that this PUPPY will not be bred to another breed of canine nor a Labrador possessing the Dilute gene.

The BREEDER warrantees that the above described puppy to be healthy at the time of the sale. The BREEDER does not assume any liability for any injury to said puppy after delivery to buyer. The BUYER agrees to have PUPPY examined by a certified veterinarian within 72 hours of delivery. If the puppy is found to be anything other than healthy by the BUYER'S veterinarian, it must be returned to the BREEDER within 24 hours along with all registration papers, health certificate and bill of sale. 

The BREEDER will take PUPPY to an impartial veterinarian for diagnosis. If PUPPY is given a clean bill of health, no refund will be given and BUYER will have the option to either: (1) forfeit all rights to the PUPPY; or (2) keep the PUPPY and reimburse BREEDER for its costs in procuring the diagnosis.  If BUYER does not exercise BUYERS option rights within 48 hours after notification from BREEDER, then BUYER will forfeit all rights to the PUPPY. If an illness is confirmed, BUYER has the option to either: (1) keep the puppy and receive reimbursement for veterinarian expenses up to the purchase price of the puppy to return the puppy to a healthy status; or (2) receive a refund of the purchase price of the PUPPY. Reimbursements will be made within 14 days of returning the puppy to BREEDER.

If a genetic defect presents itself within 26 months of birth which inhibits the quality of life for the puppy, the buyer may return the puppy for a full refund or a replacement puppy from the next available litter. The Florida Pet Laws are only for 12 months, we extend that due to the extensive genetic testing we have completed with Embark.

All appropriate shots for the PUPPY'S age have been given, and a record of this vaccination history is supplied on the health certificate issued by the veterinarian. BUYER accepts responsibility of all future vaccinations as required by law. The BREEDER has done everything possible to produce healthy sound puppies, both by breeding only dogs (parents) that are free of hip and elbow dysplasia, and by raising the puppies in the best way possible in regards to diet, exercise, socialization and veterinary care. We use bio-sensory training techniques as well as, Puppy Culture training to give our puppies the best start at learning and implore BUYER to continue with proper training as soon as possible.

Puppy shall not to be neutered or spayed until 24 months old due to hormones needed to help puppy continue growing correctly, must be kept within its standard veterinarian’s suggested weight limit, and also must not participate in agility training until it is 18 months old due to over use of hip, shoulder and elbow joints before an acceptable age. Violation of this paragraph will result in voiding any and all health guarantees thereof.

The BUYER hereby agrees that if at any time the BUYER cannot take proper care of the puppy, the BUYER will contact the BREEDER and the BREEDER will have the first choice to take the PUPPY back or assist the BUYER in finding a suitable home for the PUPPY. We never want our puppies to end up in a shelter or rescue. Let us be your rescue if you end up needing to sever your ties to your puppy/dog. We do understand that the need may arise that you have to make this choice, so please understand that we will ensure the puppy/dog goes to a home that will care for it or stay with BREEDER. If you chose to give your puppy to another person, this contract is still binding to you for the life of the puppy/dog, and is therefore binding to that person.

All legal expenses to procure this agreement are the BUYER’S responsibility and would be settled in Hernando County.

The BREEDER neither makes nor implies any warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, other than those written in the agreement including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and fitness. This document constitutes the entire agreement between the Breeder and Buyer with respect to this sale. The BUYER’S signature below indicates that he/she has read, agrees to and does understands all the conditions of the Puppy Sales Contract Agreement.