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Puppy Availablity

   Our breeding practices have allowed us keep a pre-reserved waiting list.  Currently, the waiting times are roughly 6-9 months for a puppy.    As of this day, 9-4-23, your current expectation of waiting for a puppy is March to May of 2024.  

How Much for a Puppy?

   Our puppies start at $2700.  Sex of the puppy does not influence the price. What does is any additional training you may want or need for the puppy to be a service dog, therapy dog, or just a better behaved pet.  We also only offer breeding rights to approved homes for an additional $2000.

If you have questions, please complete the form below or call/text Shannon at 407-949-1431 

Reserving a Puppy

     If you are wanting a puppy from us, you will need to complete our puppy questionnaire, puppy contract and put down the $400 nonrefundable administrative fee. 

     This fee is your guarantee to us, that you are serious about having a puppy join your family.   It gives us the ability to start the process of qualifying you and your family for a puppy.   We complete a variety of background checks on you.  If you are found to have any domestic violence or animal abuse cases in your past you will not be eligible for a puppy from us.  This fee also helps cover our time in consultation and follow up with you, and aids in paying for critical care items needed for puppies. So, please make certain you are ready for a puppy before you continue further. 

 Refund Exceptions:

     We do understand that it's impossible to predict the future.  In the event we fail to produce a puppy within the time contracted to arrive, or the puppy fails to thrive, your fee is 100% refundable.   In the event you need to hold off on getting a puppy, we will allow you to put the puppy plans on hold, for no longer than a year, with no additional fee, as long as  you tell us before the litter is born.  However, if the sales price of the puppy has changed the contract price will be amended.

Planned Litters

This section is just a brief bit of information on our breeding pairs.  If you are interested in the parents' biographical information, please visit our females and studs sections.

Which litter should you choose? 


    Let me start out by saying, we are very selective of our breeding dogs.  We have re-homed dogs we felt would not be good for our program, after raising them for almost 2 years.  But because we take this very seriously, we do not put forth any breeding that would not only better the breed, but would not represent what our goals are when breeding. We only breed dogs which are of a calm, loving dispositions, with excellent temperaments, and almost perfect conformation of the body.  Therefore, any breeding pair will produce similar offspring.

Clover to Major             

Breeding 9/2023 and 3/2024

This is the 2nd litter for this breeding pair.  We are honored that we have the privilege of caring for Clover and the entire litter throughout this process. Clover is not one of our females, but we will be caring for her and their pups, raising them as we raise all of our own, as well as overseeing the contracts.. This will be a black and yellow litter.  Clover is a service dog for her owner and has such a loving, sweet disposition. 

Midnight to Major 
Breeding 11/2023 and 5/2024

This will be Midnight's first litter.  Midnight is our son's service dog, for Type 1 Diabetes.  She was purchased, as a puppy, to be a breeder for us, but has turned out to be so much more.  She is such a fun-loving, intelligent dog and accompanies us to many places.  Even though she and Major are both black, their coat color genetics will permit this breeding to be blacks and yellows.  

Secret to Captain
Breeding 11/2023 and 5/2024

This will be the first litter for Secret and Captain.  Because we are very selective of our breeding dogs, we expect this litter to be as stellar as any litter we've produced.  This litter will be a tri-colored litter from our two newest to breeding.  We expect yellows, blacks and chocolates.  

Lady to Major             

Breeding 1/2024

This will be Lady's final litter.  We will be completing an artificial insemination because well, Lady is very particular of her studs, and I guess growing up with Major as her bestest buddy, she has refused him when left to breed naturally. This litter will produce black and yellow puppies. Lady has produced 2 show champions.

Princess Papi to Major 
Breeding 1/2024 and 8/2024

This will be Papi's 3rd litter with Major.  She is Lady's daughter from our former Sarge. This litter should produce yellow and black puppies, as well.  One litter was all black, though. I guess God played a trick on color selections there! lol

Gabbi to Chief
Breeding 1/2024 and 8/2024

This will be a repeat breeding.  and will be an all chocolate litter.  Gabbi's breedings will always be through artificial insemination, so we will have more of an exact due date thanks to knowing progesterone levels at the moment.

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